Upgrade from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams


Step 1 - Sign-in to https://login.microsoftonline.com/ using global admin credential and click on “Admin” tab.

Step 2 - Click on “All admin centers” and “Teams”.

Step 3 - Click on “Org-wide settings“.

Step 4 - Click on “Teams upgrade“.

Step 5 - On the Coexistence mode, click on drop-down menu.

Step 6 - Select “Teams only“.

Step 7 - Click on “Save“.

Step 8 - Click on the check box “I understand the effect of this change“.

Step 9 - Click on “Save“.

Step 10 - Settings were saved.

Step 11 - To access Microsoft Teams on desktop, visit https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads and click on “Download Teams”.

Step 12 - Install and run “Microsoft Teams” application on desktop.

Step 13 - Type the Office 365 user credential.

Step 14 - Click on “Sign in”.

Step 15 - Please wait for a while.

Step 16 - First time, you will be able to see the message, read it and click on “Got it”.

Step 17 - Start using Chat option on Microsoft Teams.

Step 18 - This is what you get after upgrade, when you try to “Start Skype for Business”.

Step 19 - Click on “Go to Teams”.

Thanks for being with me.
— Divyaprakash Shamrao Koli (Narmada)