Enable Remote Desktop (RDP) for Windows on Public IP address


Note : All IP addresses mentioned in the blog are just for an example and an information for learning purpose only. If it co-relates directly to someone then it will be unintentional, mere co-incidence and please contact me back, if so.

Part 1 - Configure Router/Modem/Firewall for Port Forwarding.

Step 1 - Click on "Internet Explorer" icon from the task bar to open browse and browse Router/Modem IP address i.e.

Step 2 - Enter the Username and Password of an account with permission to access Router/Modem. Once entered, click on "OK".

Step 3 - Click on "Advanced".

Step 4 - Click on "Port Forwarding".

Step 5 - Fill appropriate details in all required fields as shown in screenshot and click on "Apply".

Application - Put Name which you can identify now and later.

Start-End Port - 3389

Protocol - TCP

To IP Address - This will be the private IP address already assigned to Desktop, of which remote access is required later.

Enable - Yes or Tick Mark.

Part 2 - Configure Windows to allow Remote Connections.

Step 6 - GClick on yellow container icon on the task bar, it will open "File Explorer".

Step 7 - On the left pane, locate and right-click on "This PC".

Step 8 - Click on "Properties".

Step 9 - On the left pane, locate and click on "Remote settings".

Step 10 - Select "Allow remote connections to this computer".

Step 11 - Click on "OK".

Part 3 - Connecting to "Remote Desktop" from "Computer on Other network".

Step 12 - Click on "Start" button. Type to search "Remote Desktop Connection", once appeared click on it.

Step 13 - Type Public IP address of a Desktop which is required to access remotely with Port Number. i.e

Step 14 - Click on "Connect".

Step 15 - Please wait for a while.

Step 16 - Enter the Username and Password of a remote desktop account with access permission.

Step 17 - GClick on "OK".

Step 18 - If you trust and agree then click on "Yes" else click on "NO".

Step 19 - Remote Desktop Screen will be displayed.

Thank You for being with me.
— Divyaprakash Shamrao Koli (Narmada)