Upwork Client experiencing issues with PayPal account as Billing Method

Update payment method now!

I was exploring my PayPal account which is also linked with my Upwork and found something nice.

Step 1 - After login to PayPal, I found one Option, “Upgrade to Business account” and I clicked.

Step 2 - As I hit, I received notification from Upwork – “We have suspended your account and all your active contracts because we are experiencing issues with your PayPal account. Please ensure your PayPal account has a valid funding source and is not locked or restricted. Freelancers cannot log time on your contract(s) until your account has been reactivated.
Please update your payment method or add a credit or debit card now to reactivate your account.”

Step 3 - On PayPal, I updated the Financial Information as shown in screenshots. 

Step 4 - I went back on Upwork and found still Upwork was showing error message on the top of "Billing & Payment Processing" page. I decided to re-add but at first, I was unable to remove PayPal account as billing method because it was only one there.

Step 5 - So, I added my credit card on Upwork for a while and set it as Primary Billing method. One more notification received – “Your account has been resumed, and all freelancers were notified that they can resume working.

Step 6 - Now, removed option enabled for PayPal account as billing method, I did it first and then removed Credit Card too.

Step 7 - Finally, I re-added PayPal deposit account as billing method and it worked.

Step 8 -  Everything seems perfectly normal on Upwork now.

Thank You for being with me.
— Divyaprakash Shamrao Koli (Narmada)